Small Business Representation 

Owning your own business can be rewarding, but it is also full of challenges. The Beck Law Firm helps small business owners conquer many of those challenges by providing practical legal advice and counsel. Among other things, we assist small businesses with:

  • Business Formation – We can assist you in selecting the right business type for your new business (such as a partnership, corporation, or LLC) and then prepare and file the necessary documents to establish the business. If you and another person(s) will be starting or continuing in a business, we can advise you in ways to find and implement methods to solve disputes and issues that may occur later, including the use of carefully crafted operating agreements or corporate bylaws, as well as through shareholder or member buy/sell agreements.
  • Corporate Records – We can assist you with maintenance of your corporate records, including annual meeting minutes and Board of Directors meeting minutes and resolutions.
  • Ongoing Operations – We can offer counsel to you on the day-to-day operational concerns of a business, including concerns such as contracts and leases, confidentiality agreements, policies and procedures, and employment matters.