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Business Contracts

Business Contracts 

Contracts. We use them for a variety of situations: to buy, to sell, to perform and receive services, and more. But if you are a business sending contracts to a client for a signature, have you thought about what your contract says about you and your business? That's a question worth considering.

Your contracts communicate a great deal about your company and your business acumen and practice. A contract that is vague, confusing, or contains error not only reflects poorly on the quality of your business, but it can also lead to disputes among the parties involved, which can in turn lead to loss of business and potentially even legal proceedings. Working with skilled legal counsel to prepare clear and concise contracts can avoid these outcomes. This can be done fairly easily, and for a reasonable cost. On the other hand, the cost of poor contract practices could be significant. If a poor contract causes just one client to decide not to move forward, how much is then at stake? Or, if a poorly worded contract cannot be enforced in court to ensure the parties performance, what good is it?

So, how are your contracts? If you need a review or want to discuss how to strengthen your company's contract practices to present a polished image to your prospective clients, give us a call. At The Beck Law Firm LLC, we can help you develop clear, concise contracts, including general use ‘fill in the blank' contracts for everyday business, and more complex agreements with vendors or key clients. We can also review contracts for you, including leases, and employment agreements, so that you understand the terms and potential benefits and risks, and can make wise business decisions accordingly.  

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