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We're Hiring A Part-Time Legal Assistant

Excellent! You've decided to check out our current openings. Good. I'm glad you're here. It's really important that you read this whole job posting. I know it's longer than most, but that's because I want you to get a really clear picture of this opportunity.

Let me just start right off the bat telling you exactly WHO I'm looking for, then I'll tell you about the job and company, and finally, I'll tell you who this job is NOT for (something we think is equally important as who it IS for). At the very bottom, you will find instructions on how to apply that must be followed precisely.

Right now, we're on the search for someone who has a solid work ethic and who FITS AT LEAST FIVE OF THE FOLLOWING QUALIFICATIONS (it can be ANY five, but it needs to be at least five):

  1. You have experience answering telephones and do that with a smile.
  2. You have experience with MS Office programs including Word and Excel and are competent in using them.
  3. You enjoy helping people find the solutions to the problems they have and delivering top-notch client service.
  4. You have experience with Clio and Clio Grow (legal client/matter software).
  5. You have experience in a professional office setting.
  6. You are capable of learning new things quickly.
  7. You want to work in a job that actually encourages creativity and values our team members.
  8. You are capable of taking constructive criticism.
  9. You want to work with people who really enjoy coming to their job every single day.
  10. You have experience and proficiency with Mac computers (Apple).

Great, we have the initial qualifications out of the way. What you probably noticed is that there's not a required experience level or required degree. I want to hire some who is smart, enthusiastic, and willing to learn (of course, prior law office experience isn't going to hurt, but it's quite secondary to just being the right person for our work culture).

Who are we? We're a growing law firm located in Lawrenceville, Georgia. We work in the area of estate planning serving clients in Georgia, as well as business law, serving primarily financial advisor clients from across the country. We are a small team, but we've been hard at work growing the firm each year through our marketing efforts (both online and offline) and community involvement and we also deliver amazing results and customer service to our clients.  Learn more about us at and

But we're not going to rest – there is still a lot of growth ahead of us. That's where you come in!

Frankly, there's more for us to do than ever before, and we need a special someone who is a quick learner to join the team as a Part-Time Legal Assistant. 

Here is a sample of some of the regular duties of this position– and don't worry if you don't necessarily know what all of them are since you will be trained on how to accomplish the tasks you are assigned:

  1. Answering and routing telephone calls, and seeking to help callers to our office find the right resources for their legal needs, whether it is from our office or directing them to another attorney on our referral list.
  2. Helping with our client onboarding process by preparing client engagement letters, inputting information into our case management system and creating files in our drafting programs.
  3. Preparing outgoing correspondence.
  4. Assisting with preparing bills for client matters.
  5. Assisting our Marketing Assistant/Client Care Coordinator with projects as needed, including data collection, mailing of marketing pieces, etc.
  6. Caring for clients to help ensure that every client has a positive experience working with us, even when we can't control certain outcomes.
  7. Finalizing and printing client estate planning documents before signing meetings, participating in signings as a witness, and preparing estate planning binders for clients once documents are signed.
  8. Greeting our office guests and visitors with a smile, a helpful word and offering hospitality to ensure they feel welcome.

Our work culture is unique. We are building a company of the sharpest, funniest, most dedicated, and talented people you will ever have the pleasure of working with. We will promote and encourage your personal and professional growth.

We expect whoever we hire to be able to grow with us. We want to take the right person and provide them with the chance to become a really incredible asset with a valuable set of skills.

WARNING: The work you will do with us can become addictive.It will likely have an impact on the way you think about and interact with the world. And, worst of all, we think you will enjoy working here.

Okay, so I told you that I would provide information about who we DON'T want to hire for this position. Here's that list:

  1. We only want to hire people who want to learn. Don't apply if you're not interested in learning constantly.
  2. We don't want to work with people who are manipulative. We protect our team culture and in-office politicking just won't fly here.
  3. You shouldn't bother sending your application to me if you feel that you are “owed” something in life for whatever reason.
  4. If you were the student who needed mom and dad to remind you about your homework and your projects, this isn't the job for you. Likewise, if you have a history of having supervisors have to follow up to ensure you get your assigned work done each day, this isn't the job for you.
  5. If you refuse to step out of your comfort zone and instead quit when you face adversity, this job is 100% not for you.
  6. If you view this as a very short-term position where you can work for a few months and move on to something else, this isn't for you.
  7. If you can't be nice when interacting with others in-person or on the telephone, you won't like this job at all.
  8. If you want a job at a company where people regularly yell at each other, complain constantly about their work, the company, bad mouth co-workers etc. then keep moving, nothing to see here.

We all work hard for our achievements, and we stay sharp by never assuming that something will be easy for us.

That's it.

Here are the “gory details” on the job itself plus how to apply...

The position starts as part-time.  There may be the opportunity to increase hours or move to full-time for the right candidate and based on performance – both yours and the firm's.  Initially, we're envisioning the right candidate working approximately 18-24 hours per week, with those hours being worked on  3 day or 4 day per week schedule in our office, as assigned.  All work will be during regular business hours on weekdays (no weekend work).  You will start out with a fair hourly wage. After a 90-day probation period, if you like us and we like you, then you receive an automatic raise of roughly 10%. As of right now, there is no benefits package for this part-time position.

To apply, send your resume and a cover letter telling me why you responded to this ad in particular. Tell me which of the 10 qualities you have and why. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not send a form cover letter that you've sent to a bunch of other businesses.  Send your cover letter and resume in PDF format only.  Failing to follow these instructions will immediately disqualify you and we will not respond. You should write something brand new for this application. Tell me why you would be the right person to join our team. Tell me about your work habits, about what you want to get from this job should you get it, and why this job posting spoke to you.

I hope YOU will be the right person for the team. I can't wait to hear from you!

Send your cover letter and resume, following the instructions above, in PDF form only, to [email protected] and put “I'm your rock star!” in the subject line. Note that if you don't follow these instructions, we will not consider you for this position, because given the very important nature of the work we do, we need a detail-oriented person able to read, comprehend and then follow instructions carefully. 


Joel Beck, Founder

The Beck Law Firm, LLC

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