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The Financial Advisor's Guide to Arrests, Criminal Charges, and Related Form U4 Issues

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If you are a financial advisor facing the ramifications of criminal charges on your Form U4, know that you're not alone. We receive calls regularly from advisors who have been arrested or charged with a crime and are concerned about the effect on their U4 and career. Sometimes the charges are recent and sometimes they are a decades-old reminder of a college prank gone wrong or a momentary lapse in judgement. But in most cases, their fears and questions are the same:

“What does this mean for my career?”

“Will I lose my license?”

“What do I have to disclose about this situation? When?”

“Is there a way to not report this to my firm or put it on my Form U4?”

“Can you help me?”

With more than a decade of experience helping Financial Advisors navigate these situations, we've developed the Financial Advisor's Guide to Arrests, Criminal Charges, and Related Form U4 Issues. In this free report, we give financial advisors the rundown on what they need to know about criminal cases and the Form U4, including…

  • An overview of disclosure obligations and timeframes
  • The ramifications of failing to follow reporting requirements
  • What to do if you are currently facing a criminal case
  • What to do if you already have a criminal case on your Form U4
  • The costs of unnecessary disclosures

Our hope is that this will be a trusted educational resource that financial advisors facing a criminal disclosure on their Form U4 can turn to first when determining the best path forward for their situation. 

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As always, if you're ready to speak with an experienced attorney about your Form U4 issues, contact The Beck Law Firm, LLC, to schedule an initial consultation. We do charge for this service, but the fee you pay may prove to be an invaluable investment in your career.

Download this free guide here.

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