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Small Business Law


Owning your own business can be rewarding, but it is also full of challenges. At The Beck Law Firm, LLC, we work with business leaders to help them go into business and stay there, and handle the business and legal challenges that they may face along the way.

Among other things, we assist businesses with:

  • Business Formation – We can assist you in selecting the right business type for your new business (such as a partnership, corporation, or LLC) and then prepare and file the necessary documents to establish the business. If you and another person(s) will be starting or continuing in a business, we can advise you in ways to find and implement methods to solve disputes and issues that may occur later, including the use of carefully crafted operating agreements or corporate bylaws. If you're interested in starting a new LLC or corporation in Georgia, request our free guide today!
  • Members' or Shareholders' Agreements, including Buy-Sell Agreements – We work with companies owned by more than one person to help them implement a shareholder or member agreement, including buy-sell agreements that provide for what happens in the event of a dispute among the owners, including the death or disability of an owner.
  • Corporate Records – We can assist you with maintenance of your corporate records, including annual meeting minutes and Board of Directors meeting minutes and resolutions.
  • Contracts – We assist businesses with the writing and review of contracts for their business transactions, from routine and easier tasks, to more complex contracts. For example, we've worked with clients to prepare “fill in the blank” type contracts they can use for their work with their own customers, to more complex services agreements with vendors or key clients. We've also frequently reviewed contracts for our clients, such as employment agreements, leases, real estate contracts, and contracts from their vendors, to help make sure our clients understand the key terms and know what their options may be to seek to modify them to more favorable or reasonable terms. Clients have told us that we are able to help them understand their contracts, so that they can make key business decisions and focus on running their business.
  • Ongoing Operations – We can offer counsel to you on the day-to-day legal needs of a business, including matters such as drafting confidentiality agreements/non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and non-solicitation or non-compete agreements, policies and procedures, and employment matters.
  • Buying or Selling a Business – when it is time to grow by buying a business, or the assets of one, we can help in that regard, and work to ensure a smooth transaction. Likewise, when it is time to exit and sell your business or its assets, we can work with you to help you accomplish your business goals and get the deal done in an efficient manner.

If you or your business have a need for legal assistance, we invite you to contact us to see if we might be able to be of help to you.


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