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Knowledge is power, wrote Thomas Jefferson. With the proper knowledge, you don't have to be intimidated by complicated legal situations. Knowledge levels the playing field, allows you to evaluate your options, and helps you choose the best path forward. At The Beck Law Firm, LLC, we believe that informed people make the best clients. So, we have prepared a collection of blog posts, videos, and guides and offer them as free resources to you.

On our blog you will find a wide selection of posts addressing a variety of issues related to our practice areas. 

Visit our YouTube channel for more than 100 informative videos, covering everything from frequently asked questions in our practice areas, to more specific issues of interest or concern.

For a more in-depth treatment of Form U4 best practices, how to navigate a regulatory investigation, or the basics of starting a business in Georgia, request one of our free guides full of valuable information.  Follow the links below or in the dropdown menu in the navigation bar above to learn more and request each resource.

  • Starting a business is an exciting venture, but you may have questions. The good news: we have answers. Before you start a new business, especially if you plan to go into business with a partner, read out free Guide to Starting a Business in Georgia. In it, we answer four FAQs we often hear from clients looking to start a new corporation of LLC in Georgia, as well as pose three overlooked questions that prospective business owners ought to be asking. Request a free copy here.
  • If you've received a Rule 8210 letter from FINRA, find out what you should know before responding to the letter. Regulatory investigations can have a serious impact on a financial advisor's career. If you've received a regulatory request for information or an interview, before you do anything else, request a copy of this comprehensive book by attorney Joel Beck. Your career might be on the line, and you owe it to yourself, and your family, to treat these matters seriously. Request your free book here.

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